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World of Smoke

Our Whisky siblings love to pursue a theme, and when the team hits on the notion of the 'World of Smoke', our rummy ears prick up - not because the use of smoke is an authentic Rum production process, as it’s not. The only smoked rums on the market are technically spirit drinks because the smoking process is flavouring. And flavoured rum is not authentic rum. But a smoky note - something about the process makes it unique and recognisable to the producer. That's got to be pretty cool, eh?

The four Rums are revisiting some wildly popular and easily recognisable distilleries, which incidentally come with an average release age of a smidge under 20 Years Old! Feels like we’re ballin’!

Incidentally, this release coincides with the happy news That Boutique-y Rum Company just enjoyed its fifth birthday, and we couldn’t let that moment pass without some sort of celebration in the form of dialled-up Signature Blends. That's right - Signature Blend #1 and #2 are currently available as a limited edition, 59% ABV, full-proof anniversary release, so if you want to turbocharge your Mai Tai or dial up your daiquiri - you know where to look.


Caroni Distillery 20 Year Old Rum

Caroni Distillery, Islay Cask Finish (Trinidad), Batch 17 - 20 Years Old / 63% ABV

Traditional Column Rum, Single Distillery

The famed Caroni Distillery closed in 2002 and brought with it the end of ‘heavy’ rum production in Trinidad. The ever-dwindling stocks become ever more desirable for collectors and Rum enthusiasts alike.

Such heavy iconic Rum is generally left in the original casks, and released untouched, but here at Boutique-y Rum HQ, we couldn’t help but wonder what Caroni would taste like if it spent a short spell in a peaty whisky cask from Islay. Our Batch 17 was distilled in 1998, spending some time in Trinidad before being moved to the UK. A further maturation was curtailed at the twenty-year mark, before spending time in neutral containers, before and after the time in the Islay whisky cask.

The Label: Created by Jim’ll Paint It, the label shows an image of one of the distillery's maturation warehouses. The warehouse is visibly run down and abandoned - with sugar cane growing all around it, with a few canes taking root in the walls and roof - the smoky, burning casks in the foreground nod to our Boutique-y efforts.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Typical Caroni notes of burnt rubber and tarmac run alongside smoked rosemary, black olive and blackcurrant jam.

Palate: Initially soft and sweet onto the palate, a big blackberry jelly and gentle oak mouthful.

Finish: Tannic oaky grip. Green capsicum, smoked tea, and bitter chocolate.



Diamond Distillery Savalle Still 19 Year Old Rum

Diamond Distillery (Savalle Still), SVL Marque (Guyana), Batch 2 - 19 Years Old / 57.4% ABV

Traditional Column Rum, Single Distillery

The Savalle Still release is our third heritage still offering from the famed Diamond Distillery located on the banks of the Demerara River. This famous four-column metal French Savalle Still was inherited from the 18th century Uitvlugt Estate on the west coast of Demerara county as Rum production was consolidated at Diamond Distillery. This release carries the SVL marque and is highly versatile in producing various historic marques. It was distilled in 2003 and transferred to the UK for further maturation. This particular marque was pre-coloured as a part of their traditional processes and carries that smoky molasses note.

The Label: created by Jim’ll Paint It, We’ve had a little fun with this momentous occasion, imagining the still being transported on the ‘good ship’ Greenheart - the pride of the Boutique-y fleet. The journey to the Diamond City - I mean Diamond Distillery - is slow due mainly to the river on which it sails, which consists of slow-moving, rich demerara molasses. The lush sugarcane fields on either side of the river hint at a strong Rummy future ahead. So why are two columns visible on the deck when there should be four? We’ll let you check out the other Diamond Distillery labels to see if you can answer that question yourself.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Lots of molasses, caramel, juicy dates, and cacao. A gentle waft of Turkish Delight!

Palate: Soft and oily on the palate, lots more caramel and juicy raisins.

Finish: More juicy raisins, baking spices, with the tannins revealing themselves at the very end.



Secret Distillery #7 Barbados 22 Year Old Rum

Secret Distillery #7 (Barbados), Batch 2 - 22 Years Old / 48.5% ABV

Pot Still Rum, Single Distillery

We are sworn to secrecy about the origins of this fabulous bottling, but it's safe to say that this parcel of pot still Rum represents a somewhat unique offering in the Rum world. Distilled in July 2000 and matured in Barbados for six years, it was then transferred to the UK for the balance of its maturation. Big, bold, and irreplaceable. Perfect for serious Rum enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Label: Created by Grace J Ward, this vibrant label feels like the ATOM team of Natalie, Cameron, and Boutique-y Pete are enjoying their time in Barbados. Heavy Soca accompanies them as they drive back down the west coast from the parish of St Lucy.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Pear drops and gingerbread. Caraway seeds, fennel, and a gentle menthol note.

Palate: Soft and oily on the palate. Fresh ginger, black tea, sultanas, dried orange peel.

Finish: Fiery ginger, black olive, and lots of tannic black tea and oak.



 TDL Fernandes Trinidad 17 Year Old Rum

TDL Fernandes, FPH Marque (Trinidad), Batch 2 - 17 Years Old / 66% ABV

Multi-Column Still, Single Distillery

In the modern era, Trinidad is famous for one large-scale Rum producer, but it wasn’t always so; other distilleries, producers, and brands existed. The Fernandes Rum Company was responsible for creating one of the most iconic bottlings from (or so the story goes - and who doesn’t love a good story eh?) stock purchased from a fire-damaged warehouse. It sold well, and so the problem became making more of it, so blending marques were used to recreate the profile.

This release is one of those blending marques - a heavy-column Rum that would have been used sparingly in the blend. We bring it in all its long-aged glory for your glass. This production marque is designated as FPH and was distilled in 1999, spending some time in Trinidad before being shipped to the UK for further maturation.

The Label: Created by Jim’ll Paint It, We see a Boutique-y Rum research assistant (looking very smart in his lab coat) making notes on a clipboard. To his right is a very scientific-y home-made patent-pending ‘Time Portal’ through which he is looking. Through the wibbly-wobbly-time-portal thing-y we can see a scene in black and white from the past (1932) where Mr Fernandes can be seen buying rum from a government official.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Vanilla, butterscotch, and a wet clay note intertwine with fusel oil and rubber. Lovely fresh nectarine.

Palate: Lots of toffee, vanilla, and a big slice of treacle tart!

Finish: Warming. White peppery warmth, and more rubber. Gentle marzipan and milk chocolate. Tannic oak and the very end.



Anniversary Release Signature Blends #1 and #2

These Anniversary Bottlings have been presented at a ‘Full Proof’ 59% to appeal to Rum-Geeks and Bartenders who appreciate the intensity of flavour that higher-strength bottlings can deliver.

And yes - if you really want to categorise Rum by colour, then Signature Blend #1 is our ‘white’ Rum, and Signature Blend #2 is our ‘dark’ Rum :-D



 Signature Blend #1 Anniversary Release Full Proof Jamaica Martinique

Signature Blend #1 Anniversary Release (Jamaica & Martinique), NAS / 59% ABV

Blended Rum with No Age Statement (NAS)

A predominantly unaged blend of funky Rums from Jamaica and fresh, fruity Rhums from Martinique. The blend includes an aged marque from Jamaica, which lends body. This blend is vibrant, bright and characterful, with clear grassy notes from the unaged Martinique Rhum and characteristic funk and body from the Jamaican component.

The Label: Created by Jim’ll Paint It, the label represents the blending of two different styles of rum to become greater than the sum of their parts. Two liquids pour in from the top and spread out into a zig-zag pattern indicative of a dynamic, vibrant liquid. Bright and light.

The white snake represents Martinique, taken from the national flag. The Lignum Vitae represents Jamaica, the country’s national flower.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Vanilla and dried coconut run alongside a herbal, sugarcane bark grassiness. Cane sugar and a gentle lemongrass note.

Palate: Delivers a lovely mouthfeel. Juicy sultanas, fresh pineapple, with a gentle sweet honey note.

Finish: Delicate herbal, grassy finish.



 Signature Blend #2 Anniversary Release Full Proof Jamaica Guyana

Signature Blend #2 Anniversary Release (Jamaica & Guyana), NAS / 59% ABV

Blended Rum with No Age Statement (NAS)

A characterful blend formed from aged Guyanese Rums from the Savalle, Enmore and Port Mourant stills with younger, funky Jamaican Rums. A touch of unaged high-ester Jamaican Rum brings it all together.

The Label: Created by Jim’ll Paint It, the label represents the blending of two different styles of rum (funky Jamaican and rich Guyanese rum) to become greater than the sum of their parts. Two liquids pour in from the top, spreading into a swirling, slower, heavier, and darker liquid.

The Victoria Amazonica Water Lily represents Guyana, and the Lignum Vitae represents Jamaica, as they are the country’s national flowers.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Juicy figs and sultanas, Seville orange, mango, pineapple, and a zesty lemon note, run alongside a gentle burnt rubber edge. Molasses, butterscotch and dark chocolate.

Palate: Soft and sweet on the palate. Ripe banana and pineapple. Toffee and gentle butterscotch.

Finish: Lots more baking spices, a bolder note of burnt rubber, with bitter chocolate and rich coffee. Oak reveals at the very end.


So that’s our review, but don’t forget that there is a fantastic selection of whisky headliners, and scotches to look out for, and you can find out more by checking out the blog on That Boutique-y Whisky Company website.

Buy these releases online at Master of Malt and other exceptional spirits retailers. All on and off-trade enquiries should be directed to Maverick Drinks.


World of Smoke