If you've had a sneak-y peek at our blog already, you'll know by now we hold a strong moral compass on the following:

monymusk rum

1.) We never judge a rum by its colour

2.) Age really is just a number 

There seems to be an unspoken  (and completely inaccurate) rule that the darker the rum, the older it must be - and therefore, the better it must taste.

But does the colour of rum really tell us anything about what's in the bottle? There's no storytelling behind the complexion, no indication of the craftsmanship or the hometown from which it hails. All the juicy stuff is on the label really and yet, we search for dark rums, white rums...and every other shade in between.   

Good people - just, no. 

We want to change the way people think about rum. How delicious it can be to sip, sample and savour on its own - with absolutely no added nonsense. 

It's about showing rum the r-e-s-p-e-c-t...-y (couldn't resist) it truly deserves. 

When the Boutique-y rum wheels set in motion, we decided we were going to do things differently. After searching for the most unusual and most delicious-y rums from across the globe, we were going to unleash them to the world with no added flavourings, no added sugars and no added nonsense. Just the delicious rum, from cask to bottle. 

Taking a little inspiration from the Gargano Classification System, we've created our own and made it suitably Boutique-y to our liking.

How are we going to do it?

By keeping it simple. We're going to call them exactly what they are. So you know how it's been made, and exactly what that means for your rum.

 Single Distillery

Multiple Distilleries

Traditional Column Rum Traditional Column Rum 
Pot Still Rum Pot Still Rum
Multi Column Rum Multi Column Rum
Pot & Column Still Rum