End of the World

End of the World

End of the World

Here at Boutique-y, we like to shoot the breeze talking about all manner of things whilst blending our liquids - from the concept of nihilism, the sound that NASA have recorded coming from somewhere in space, right through to what would be our doomsday tot of choice. It was that last conversation that sparked a creative fire in our bellies. What would our final rum of choice be if we were to only have one to choose? Whether it was truly the end of the world, or we were about to take our vows to join a remote mountain monastery, we insist that our last sips must be otherworldly… if it’s the last thing we do!

It was with these thoughts in mind that we created our End Of The World Series. 29 bottles filled to the cork with what we think are the ultimate whiskies, scotches and rums. We also encourage you not to save them for the end of the world, but merely use them as a celebration of making it to the end of another day on this beautiful planet!



Blended Rum #1 (Jamaica), Batch 3 - 14 Years Old / 56.7% ABV

Pot and Column Still Rums from various Jamaican Distilleries

When That Boutique-y Rum Company launched back in 2018, our Blended Rum #1 proved to be one of our most iconic bottlings ever - the unassuming name ultimately failed to convey the weight and complexity of the Jamaican Rum Blend contained within, and it became something of a cult favourite. But we didn’t bottle all of the liquid. Nope, some remained in cask awaiting a special moment. This longer-aged version is set to reaffirm our love for Jamaican Rum!

Distilled in September 2008 and then refilled into recycled rum casks in 2015. This blend of pot and column distilled rums from various Jamaican distilleries brings together Rums of different weights and ester counts and contains an element from our Secret Distillery #1, but also contains rums from three other distilleries (but we’re sworn to secrecy on that!).

Jim’ll Paint It created the label from an original concept by Ben Ellefsen, and it surely brings a sense of unease due to death, disease, and decay, which fits nicely into the End of the World vibe for this release. We have a muck hole with planks around the outside and lush green grass. Don’t be scared by the skull and crossbones - historically, warnings were placed to keep people away, and many rumours persist. The chemists amongst you might recognise the various flavour elements of Ethyl Butyrate (pineapple), Amyl Acetate (banana), Ethyl Acetate (pear drops), and Ethyl Propanoate (pineapple). Oh, and don’t forget the ironically placed goat skull… ;-)

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Under-ripe pineapple, crisp green apple and banana. Tart red plum and gently peachy notes.

Palate: Lots of pineapple, juicy mango, ripe banana, and a nice sprinkle of salted caramel.

Finish: Pear drops and orange peel give way to baking spices, caraway seeds, gingery warmth, and black olive. Black tea tannins and hints of eucalyptus. Warming.



Diamond Distillery: Savalle Still (Guyana), Batch 4 - 18 Years Old / 58% ABV

Traditional Column Still Rum, Single Distillery

The Savalle Still release is our third heritage still offering from the famed Diamond Distillery located on the banks of the Demerara River in Guyana and the fourth batch to bear its name. This famous four-column metal French Savalle Still was inherited from the 18th century Uitvlugt Estate on the west coast of Demerara County as Rum production was consolidated at Diamond Distillery. Highly versatile in producing various historic marques, this release carries the SVL marque. Distilled in 2003 and transferred to the UK for further maturation. This particular marque was pre-coloured as a part of their traditional processes and carries that smoky molasses note.

The label was an original creation by Jim’ll Paint It, which was then updated for this release by the design team at ATOM. The good ship Greenheart - the pride of the Boutique-y fleet continues its journey to the Diamond City - I mean Distillery - along the slow-moving river of rich demerara molasses. The traditional burning of the sugarcane feels out of control, and thick smoke fills the sky. Don’t worry, everything will be OK - it’s not the End of the World. The observant might notice two column elements shown, and for that, you’d have to take a peek at our other Diamond Distillery releases to work out why!

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Lots of molasses, caramel, juicy dates, and cacao. A gentle waft of Turkish Delight!

Palate: Soft and oily onto the palate, with lots more caramel and juicy raisins.

Finish: More juicy raisins, and baking spices, with the tannins revealing themselves at the very end.




Flying Dutchman Rum: Oloroso Cask (The Netherlands), Batch 3 - 8 Years Old / 52% ABV

Flying Dutchman Rum: Pedro Ximénez Cask (The Netherlands), Batch 4 - 8 Years Old / 51.9% ABV

Pot Still Rum, Single Distillery

Our old bodega sherry cask bottlings from Zuidam Distillery in The Netherlands have turned people's expectations of flavour profiles on their heads. So how could we top a four-year-old Rum? Well, how about an eight-year-old one?! And so for this End of the World Batch 3 and 4 release, we have the glorious experience of a very old ex-solera Oloroso Sherry and Pedro Ximénez sherry cask matured Rums for your glass.

The hallmark of the team at Zuidam is attention to detail throughout production, authentic production techniques, and (obviously) delicious booze. This Rum starts with imported molasses, long fermentation utilising multiple yeast strains, double distillation in their fabulous pot stills, and an eight-year maturation at source before being shipped to the UK for bottling.

The Flying Dutchman name is consistent with the own-label Rum released from the distillery.

The label was originally created by Jim’ll Paint It and then updated by the design team at ATOM. A roiling sea of fermenting molasses underneath a nightmarish sky… is this the most ominous label or what? The sharp-eyed folks will notice our hero Patrick van Zuidam features in his Willy Wonka garb, looking cool as a cucumber despite the hellscape around him and the grasping tentacles that threaten to pull the crew of the Howard Pyle beneath the waves. Despite the idea of pirates feeling like something from centuries past, the threat at sea remains in the modern era. Its not the End of the World though.

Tasting Notes:
Oloroso Cask
Nose: Juicy sultanas, overripe pineapple, zesty orange, and rich vanilla toffee.

Palate: Oily and sweet onto the palate. Lots more juicy sultana, hints of ripe plums, and honey.

Finish: Salted caramel and milk chocolate give way to a gentle grip, with walnuts, black tea and peppery spice at the end.

Pedro Ximénez Cask
Nose: A waft of Army & Navy sweets - all anise and liquorice. Juicy red grape skins. Gentle notes of crispy bacon and ginger.

Palate: Fruity and sweet onto the palate. Tart, ripe plums and juicy red grapes. Delicate, zesty orange and sweet sultanas.

Finish: A big slice of sticky ginger cake gives way to a peppery, black coffee note at the end.



Haiti, Batch 4 - 15 Years Old / 61.4% ABV

Traditional Column Still Rum, Single Distillery

Originating from the country's biggest distillery, this fabulous aged Rum was distilled in 2004 and matured in French Oak casks in Haiti for six years before transferred to the UK for the remainder of its maturation in recycled Rum casks. Specifics are light for this release, but we can confirm it’s utterly delicious.

The label was originally created by Jim’ll Paint It and has been updated by the design team at ATOM. The iconic brightly coloured dwellings of Jalousie, in Pétionville, Port-au-Prince, sit beneath a fiery dusk sky. The famous Iron Market enjoys artistic licence in the middle distance. Folks from history sit at a street cafe, chatting about art and culture, enjoying a glass of delicious aged Haitian Rum. General Toussaint Louverture remains an iconic leader of the Republic of Haiti. To his right, the statue of the Unknown Slave, Le Marron Inconnu has arisen from his mount, although he still has his conch shell with him. Artist Hector Hyppolite, famous for his painting ‘Damballah La Flambeau’, sits to the left of the easel. Next to Hector, we see a lady in her traditional Haitian Quadrille dress and headscarf.

Pretty sure there’s a story behind the inclusion of the vendor with the three-wheel bike heavily laden with crates of fruit and a large cooler underneath a large parasol...

The light fades at the end of the day, but its not the End of the World.

Tasting Note:
Nose: A gloriously fruity nose of dried mango and pineapple pieces. Creamy vanilla custard. Grassy, with hints of eucalyptus and green tea.

Palate: Soft sweet plums and papaya fill the mouth with a creamy texture.

Finish: A long, dry, oaky experience, with peppery warmth and a little briny black olive.



O Reizinho (Madeira), Batch 4 - 9 Months Old / 57% ABV

Pot Still Rum, Single Distillery

Boutique-y Rum returns to the craft Rum Agrícola da Madeira producer: O Reizinho with a bottling that straddles the vibrant unaged ‘white’ releases, and its genuine aged offerings. Under Madeira Rum law, a Rum needs to be a minimum of three years old before it's considered ‘aged’, however this nine month rested Rum clearly displays the bright gold hue of time in cask, and the interaction that the Rum has benefitted from presents immediately on the palate - the spirit of the new make sugarcane juice Rum is still present (grassy green olive and crisp white summer fruits), but now it nudges up gently against the soft dried stone fruit of the ex-Madeira fortified wine cask that softens the spirit, lends weight and mouthfeel. One of those situations that proves age is just a number when it comes to flavour.

Produced during the 2019 growing season, this nine month old Agricole Rum was matured entirely in Madeira at O Reizinho before being shipped to the UK for bottling.

The label was originally created by Jim’ll Paint It, and our funky Olive King looks like he’s received the Goldfinger treatment in order to represent our nine month rested bottling. Still sitting on a throne of sugarcane like the total boss he is of course, but the sun beats down relentlessly and we worry for climate change. It’s not the End of the World though. Madeira is famous for its levadas which channel water for irrigation to the cane fields.

Tasting Note:
Nose: Green olive, cardamom pods, and lots of green banana, lychee, crisp white nectarine, and zesty lemon. Delicate floral notes of white rose.

Palate: Sweet syrup mouthfeel, maple syrup and jammy Victoria plum. Vanilla and raisins.

Finish: Vanilla custard gives way to gentle tannic notes of peppery dried hazelnuts.



Uitvlugt (Guyana), Batch 2 - 29 Years Old / 44% ABV

Pot Still Rum, Single Distillery

If it really was the End of the World, you’d want something pretty special for your glass right? So how about a Rum distilled way back in 1994, at a distillery which closed its doors for good in 1999? Bit of luck we’ve our Uitvugt Distillery bottling to mark the occasion with then eh? This fabulous Old Rum was distilled on the famous Port Mourant double wooden vat still (pot still), which in itself, is a unique piece of Rum history. So we have something rare and desirable. This bottling has enjoyed a long continental maturation in an ex-Malt Whisky cask. An amazing sip and a piece of Rum History to be cherished. Genuinely delicious!

This is a brand new label, created by Ayla Toye, of the ATOM Design Team reveals forgotten ageing house, where fine spirits gently rest away the years. A moment of anticipation, a glass of something delicious awaits you. Our fears of being forgotten are misplaced, as we are simply waiting for the right moment.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Pencil shavings, blueberries, sultanas, and natural yoghurt. Hints of smoke and caraway seeds.

Palate: Soft and sweet onto the palate. Delicate. Vanilla custard, caramel, with a dunking of rye bread and creamy brazil nuts.

Finish: A mouth-filling, lasting finish. Oak-y, smoky pencil shavings, dried grass and hazelnuts. Green tea and toast.


So that’s our review - the world is not as bad as the media would have us believe. Don’t forget that there is a fantastic selection of whisky headliners, and scotches to look out for, and you can find out more by checking out the blog on That Boutique-y Whisky Company website.

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