What To Expect From Boutique-y Rum In 2019

What To Expect From Boutique-y Rum In 2019

With a rum-filled year ahead of us at Boutique-y HQ, we asked Peter Holland to give us a rumdown of what you can expect from us in 2019. One thing's for sure, you will definitely discover more honest and simply delicious-y rum.

Around this time of year, it’s fashionable to look back on the year just gone and reminisce about the highlights. And of course we would, but That Boutique-y Rum Company only launched last we can take a few things from this.

  1. I’m damn excited to have launched - keeping a secret like TBRC was/is wasn’t easy.
  2. Everything we’ve released so far has been bloody delicious (Mum: I’m sorry for swearing)
  3. It was only a few months ago...

We’ve currently released a very pleasing mix. Which of the end of 2018 totalled seventeen distinctly different Rums. We’ve some faves from obvious locations that the observant Rummy might consider somewhat comparable to other independent bottlers. And that's fine - fab Rum is fab Rum after all. More excitingly for me, we’ve also released some Rums that have never been shared outside their country of origin before, O Reizinho being an obvious contender, and we’ve not just one, but two releases from this genuinely small batch producer in Madeira! We’ve also had an amazingly delicious blend of Rums from a single country in the form of Blended Rum #1, a release from a long shut distillery (hint: Caroni) and a release from a UK producer.

So if everything is awesome (which sounds suspiciously like a strap line from the Lego Movie) in the few months we’ve been around, how can we keep up such a high standard?

Well… How about a teaser-y hint at some of the releases to come? Balancing the hints against being sacked for giving away too much information of course… .

We’ve not yet finished with releases from the wonderful agricole-producing-island of Madeira. Our first releases might have been from the smallest official Rum producer, but we’ve a-soon-to-be-released Rum from a much larger distillery we can’t yet name -  (cough-cough-North-cough-cough) - apologies - I’m still getting over a bit of a cold. And because I love the Rum produced on Madeira so much, I’m sure I’ll be finding all manner of excuses to head back as well.

There will be Rum from more UK distilleries - did you know that there are more than a handful of very fine producers here on the shores of Blighty? Well…there’s a thing eh?

Blends. Yeap. The notion of releasing a few more blends is very much at the forefront of our minds. Same country, a blend of marques or different countries and a blend of marques - as long as the result is bloody delicious - who cares?

Different marques, ages, and countries? So many possibilities, and yet the one thing that excites me most is to bring delicious rums to the discerning audience that is the Boutique-y drinker, and the most exciting of which are the ones you’ve probably never tried before. So you’ll know just what I’ll be keeping my eye out for you!

Deconstructing brands. I’ve been know to do this in my guise as - especially in the form of a Twitter Tasting or two. And just because a Rum is delicious in its final blended form, doesn’t mean any of the component phases are to be ignored. The last few years have presented me with some delicious options, and I’m keen to share them as best I can, brand permitting!

Rum? Rhum? Ron? How about Cachaça? Yeap… We’re all set to share some of Brazil’s finest as well.

Probably worth sharing the glaringly obvious point that if there’s something you’d like the That Boutique-y Rum Company to bring to the rummy-masses, then please do be shy - let us know via any of our social media channels, and we’ll do our very best to fulfil your wishes.

Here’s to 2019.