3 Festive Ways To Serve Your Boutique-y Rum This Christmas

3 Festive Ways To Serve Your Boutique-y Rum This Christmas

Wrapping up something Boutique-y Rum shaped this Christmas Eve? Or maybe you've just unwrapped one yourself and now, you're reading this slightly stuffed on Boxing Day. Our favourite rum guy, Peter Holland, is a big fan of drinking our fantastic-y expressions neat but, we asked him for some festive ways to serve up something so delicious-y - and he did not disappoint.

Over to you, Pete!


All of the rums in the That Boutique-y Rum Company range can quite easily be sipped neat, but it's Christmas (and the whole of the rest of our lives), and sometimes we all fancy something a little different, so how about these three options?


Travellers Tonic

Yeap. It’s literally just that.

A double measure of our Travellers Distillery rum from Belize, served in a tall glass, with cubed ice and topped up with your favourite tonic water. Most people haven’t discovered the delights of a rum and tonic, and you could be in on the ground floor with this one. Ditch the straw, and garnish with a wedge of orange if you like – but I find it drinks just fine without further adornments.

Honestly, you’ll be wondering why you never tried it before.



In the French Caribbean, the ‘petit punch’ or Ti-punch as it’s known is a common sight. 

A double measure of Agricole rum, a small squeeze of lime, and a little sugar - stirred together and served with or without ice to preference.

The TBRC range doesn’t yet encompass an agricole rhum from the French Caribbean, but how about calling for the Madeira big guns in the form of O Reizinho?

Old Fashioned

The heavy hitting Caroni feels entirely appropriate material to work with for a bit of Old Fashioned Fun. 5ml of rich sugar syrup, a couple of dashes of bitters (Angostura works just fine) and a double measure of Caroni. Build in a rocks glass and stir with ice. Zest a piece of orange peel over the glass
and drop it in to make it look pretty.

The Caroni is a heavy hitter flavour wise, and it’s very rarely that I’ll suggest the addition of a second spirit, but I have to say that a barspoon (5ml) of Lagavulin or Laphroaig peated whisky provides a complimentary accent., so raid your Boutique-y Whisky collection for something appropriate.

All the rums in the TBRC range will work in an Old Fashioned, so don’t be afraid to explore and experiment!

Oh, and please do share your experiences – we’d love to hear