Pete Says... For The Rum Explorers... Part 1 (Jamaica)

Pete Says... For The Rum Explorers... Part 1 (Jamaica)

With there being so many Boutique-y Rum choices, and depending on your level of experience you might be forgiven with thinking all the releases from Jamaica, or Guyana taste the same. Well, the devil is in the detail and the Rum Explorer in you will be keen to learn more. Here in part one we explore our Jamaica releases.

Secret Distilleries are the way that Boutique-y Rum’s can tie a Rum back to a particular source, but still honouring the producers right to protecting their trademarked name. 

Secret Distillery #1 can be found in Lluidas Vale, in the parish of St. Elizabeth, and for any one who has sipped a few of their Rums then you’ll quickly recognise the tropical fruit, pineapple, sweet acetone type notes that are particular to them. Our 9 Year Old Batch 3 release is a delicious example of a Rum that has spent most of its time maturing at source, with a few years here in the UK before being bottled. Rich, full bodied, with tropical fruit notes, with a firm caress of oak - this is an absolute delight that is likely to be enjoyed by seasoned rummy and beginner alike! 

Secret Distillery #3 has already featured in our range under it’s distillery name (follow the dogs for a clue eh?), but we are now abiding by the producers request to not use their name. The distillery is located in Lionel Town, in the Parish of Clarendon, which is in the south of Jamaica. This is a large facility that produces both pot still and continuous column still, however our Batch 2 is a 14 Year Old, single pot still marque, designated as SFJE. Being a pot still Rum from Jamaica means this is going to be full-bodied, but the heavy Rum is enveloped by it’s time in oak. Peppery, spicy, with dried fruit notes of figs, and raisins. Notably different to Secret Distillery #1.

Where as the first two Rums are from single distilleries, our third is our Blended Rum #1, and whilst perhaps the name doesn’t give much away, the result of taking a selection of aged Rums from four famous Jamaican distilleries is rather special. This is an amazingly funky, complex blend due to the inclusion of some high ester marques; and it might well be too much for a complete novice or beginner in Rum, but we’re sure any experienced fan will love this massively expressive example of just how good Jamaican Rum can be.