Jump Up With Boutique-y Records

Jump Up With Boutique-y Records


Welcome to Boutique-y Records, your ‘go to’ shop for all the hottest independent releases!

Here at That Boutique-y Rum Company, we’ve once more joined our spiritual Whisky sibling to get involved with a really cool inspiration - namely Boutique-y Records. We’re proud to present five new and exclusive bottlings for your collection, each presented in a unique art style which reflects the way the world drinks its Rum, and listens to its music.

There’s something here for every type of music lover to connect with, whether they’re an old-school vinyl nut, digital download devotee, or lossless audio purist. We’ve two new distilleries to push the corners of the Rum map out a little further, a sure fire hit in the form of a highly prized collectable, and return to something of a cult favourite, but this time in a very welcoming ABV that we hope will allow people to more easily explore the realm of Independent Bottlers. We’re also taking a moment to bring a rather delicious, funky Rum back into the spotlight!

Here's the line up…

Casa Santana Batch 2 - 6 Year Old - 45% ABV

A blended Multi-Column Still Rum, from multiple distilleries aged at Casa Santana, Colombia

We’ve returned to our favourite Colombian bodega, with a lovely new batch 2 bottling.

It’s a 6 year old blend of new make Rums from Colombia, and other Caribbean locations that are aged in the Cuban style of flavour bases and blending thanks to their Cuban Maestro Roneros.

For this bottling we’ve chosen a really inclusive ABV of 45% (45 RPM)  to help bring in those looking to explore the world of indy bottling. It's got an amazing retail price point - just £24.95 - it’s approachable and versatile in terms of how it could be enjoyed - neat, with a mixer or perhaps in a cocktail. We are really quite excited to see how this will be received, and we’re looking forward to drawing folks into a Boutique-y embrace.

The label shares all the easter egg references to our favourite aged rocker. Classic Rock - so everybody stRum that air guitar yeah!

Nose: Lots of vanilla, juicy sultanas, mango, and zesty clementine.

Palate: Fresh coconut, parsnips, raisins, ripe mango, and golden syrup.

Finish: A warming finish of ginger, and tannic green tea. Bitter dark chocolate, dried hazelnuts and walnuts.


Secret Distillery #6 Batch 1 - 13 year old - 57.8% ABV

Multi-Column Still Rum from an undisclosed distillery in El Salvador

The first of three ‘hush-hush’ producers in this release. Secret Distillery #6 is our first offering from El Salvador - a Rum producing destination that some folks might not necessarily recognise, but its Central American location puts it in a prime sugarcane growing location.

The distillery is located in the Cihuatán (pronounced: see-what-an) valley, and is attached to a hundred year old sugar mill and so is a proper field to bottle producer.

Cihuatán means ‘land next to the sleeping woman’ in the native language of the region. So you can see what drove our thoughts with regard to the label. Simple but rather beautiful. This is our ‘Easy Listening’ offering and the chap with the guitar sets the relaxed vibe.

This bottling is very much in the lighter style of Rum - primary flavours produced from time in cask, although there is a nice green note, indicating the presence of heavier Rum or aguardiente as they would probably refer to it. Ten years of maturation in El Salvador before transfer to the UK for the balance.

Nose: Lots of butterscotch and vanilla, with an interesting waft of mixed dried green herbs and celery salt. 

Palate: Oily. Plenty of raisins, mango, and some bitter orange marmalade.

Finish: A warming, oak-y astringency, gently toasty, with bitter chocolate, and little of that dried green herb mix.


Secret Distillery #1 Batch 2 - 6 Year Old - 51.5% ABV

Pot Still Rum, produced at an undisclosed distillery located in Jamaica

Maintaining the secretive nature of non-disclosure, our Boutique-y Records theme would not be complete without some funk. And Jamaica brings the funk big time.

Secret Distillery #1 is a fabulous authentic Rum producer, and we’re using this theme to bring our batch 2 bottling which is a delicious dual maturation of 3 years in ex-bourbon, and 3 years in ex-sauternes cask back into the spotlight. The sweet wine cask brings a nutty vibe to the amazing tropical fruits notes of the pot still Jamaican Rum.

A bottling for Rum fans, and a really good indication of just how flavoursome Rum can be. A must have for any Rum collection, and with an RRP of just £32.95 its very much in reach of a great many people.

Nose: All the Jamaican funk, pear drops and crisp apple.

Palate: Nutty, pecans and walnuts, mix with maple syrup and dates and prunes.

Finish: Gentle sweetness, fading into a peppery spice.


Secret Distillery #7 Batch 1 - 21 Year Old - 52.6%

Pot Still Rum from an undisclosed distillery in Barbados

Our heavy Soca option really is a bit special. A heavy pot still bottling from an exceptionally well known distillery in the North of Barbados whom we really can’t name - but it’s not St Nicholas Abbey.

Produced and sold as a small lot to a Rum merchant, this Rum has spent six years maturing in Barbados before a transfer to the UK. Given that the distillery is now owned by Rémy Cointreau, purchases like this are never going to happen again, and so need to be cherished greatly.

Nose: A bold complex nose packed full of fusel oils, menthol notes, with fennel, and a touch of caraway seeds.

Palate: A riotous party of eucalyptus, black tea, sultanas, tart Victoria plum skins and black cherries. Marzipan.

Finish: Fresh ginger, caraway seeds, anise, and parma violets.


Caroni Batch 8 - 24 Year Old - 61.5% ABV

Traditional Column Still Rum, distilled at Caroni, Trinidad

Our final Rum is going to be familiar to many - it’s big and bold - it’s prized by collectors and drinkers alike. It’s a closed distillery meaning that with every release those stocks of aged Rum are dwindling, and becoming ever more precious. This is a HTR - Heavy Trinidad Rum marque, traditional column still Rum, with a split of at source and UK maturation, and it’s typically diesel-y, smoky, but also with lots of lovely dried stone fruit and pineapple, and cherry stones.

We might have had a little fun with our Boutique-y Records theme and the label, I mean an abandoned distillery has got to be the best place for a techno-rave right? Glow sticks at the ready!

Nose: Lots of hot tarmac intertwined with juicy fig, gentle notes of cherry stones, smoke-y, peat, black tea, walnuts, and bitter chocolate.

Palate: A viscous caramel sweet rush onto the palate. Dates and dried pineapple chunks, and hints of tamarind vie with the ever-present heavy Rum.

Finish: Warming. Chewed oak-y pencil lead and gentle raisins.

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