A Boutique-y Trip to The Floating Rum Shack with Peter Holland

A Boutique-y Trip to The Floating Rum Shack with Peter Holland

When the dream-y plan to launch our very own That Boutique-y Rum Company became more than just a dream, there was only one guy we wanted on board our rum-fuelled adventure. Peter Holland is one half of the husband and wife dream team behind - if you don’t know, we recommend you get to know pretty sharpish. Their fantastic-y rum lifestyle blog and social media channels are the perfect place for a rum-ling’s first sip, for rum-lovers and rum-discoverers alike.

Luckily for us, we had Pete on speed dial. We played it cool, something along the lines of:

“Hey Pete, how do you fancy being our Rum Guy for some pretty amazing rums?”

As Pete recalls: ‘there is only one answer you can give and that’s a resounding “YES”.’

There were plenty of resounding YESSSSSS’, fist pumps and shoulder pats back at HQ too.

So, you might be wondering what’s so special about Pete? Aside from the obvious: “yes, I have drunk an amazing amount of rum and no, there isn’t a single favourite!”. Of course, we have our Boutique-y biased suspicions on this.

From a passionate hobby to living and breathing the stuff as a fulltime rummy - For Pete, the world of rum has proved to be an irresistible draw. We’re talking rum clubs, tasting training, spirit competition judging, visiting rum festivals and rum producers around the Caribbean and beyond. Simply put, he’s a genuine all-round rum guy on a mission to further the love of the best spirit in the world.